January 7, 2016 | Think & Feel

Think | Feel: The THIELMantra Series

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What is a brand? It’s a complex question with a simple answer. A brand is who you are. It’s what your customers think and feel about you. Your brand is brought to life with all the touchpoints that make up every communication. It’s verbal, visual and experiential. Your brand is everyTHING.

Successful brands aren’t created by accident, they’re created with purpose. Creating a successful brand is a process. It requires a deep understanding of yourself and your customers —Why do you exist? Why do customers choose you? Why do they trust you? — It’s a process that is rigorous and ongoing, but it will allow you to purposefully connect with the right people in the right places at the right times.

Over the course of the next six months we will dive deep into the process of branding and how we approach every brand initiative at THIEL Design. It’s how we live, breathe and work on brands every day. This is the THIEL Mantra.

Here is what we’ll be discussing:

Month 1: Design With Purpose

Don’t just make it pretty. Make an impression.

How do you design a strong brand with purpose and power?

Month 2: Identify Opportunities

Discover. Connect. Create community.

How can you move beyond the obvious and dig deeper into how to create connections with your audience?

Month 3: Create Breakthroughs

Aim high. Rise to the top. Stand out.

How do you break through the clutter and create ideas that resonate?

Month 4: Integrate Everything

Amplify your voice. Stay true. Reach out.

How do you extend your reach in every touchpoint—verbal, visual and experiential?

Month 5: Establish a Difference

Break free. Speak your truth. Build trust.

How do you bring life and enhanced meaning to your brand?

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