The Illuminating Rebrand

Plastic Surgery Associate and Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery, two established practices, joined forces and sought the expertise of THIEL, a full-service agency, to guide them through a comprehensive rebrand. The goal was to create a new brand identity that truly reflected the merged practices, and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy to drive patient traffic to their four locations.

Their Challenge

The challenge was to develop a new brand identity that accurately reflected the strength and expertise of the merged practices, and to educate existing clients and attract new patients through a comprehensive website and ongoing marketing efforts.

Our Solution

THIEL took a meticulous approach, partnering with the merging practices to understand their brand and target audience. From this collaboration, Illume, a new brand identity was born – complete with a verbal expression of the brand and its offerings. THIEL then redeveloped the website to align with the new brand and provide clear and concise information about the products and services offered. The result was a comprehensive marketing strategy that effectively communicated the brand to both existing clients and potential patients.