July 7, 2014 | Think & Feel

10 Myths of Branding

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After more than 30 years of bringing brands to life through Focused Creativity, one thing that still surprises us as a branding agency is how many misconceptions there are regarding what we do and the value it brings to business. While every client experience is different, in terms of their goals and expectations, it’s uncanny how many times we find ourselves experiencing deja vu in conversations. Believe it or not, we’re answering many of the same questions today, in 2014, as we did when we first began in 1981.

Part of the issue lies with the term “branding” itself. It’s perhaps one of the most misunderstood concepts in business, which is a shame, because it’s arguably also one of the most important. What is branding, what does it encompass, why is it important, and what can it do? The term is used frequently in conversation, yet it’s often used without having a solid understanding of the answers to these questions.

So this summer we’re going to set the record straight and answer what we feel are the top ten myths we’ve heard over the years regarding branding and all that it encompasses. Each week, we’ll share a common misconception we’ve heard ­— and continue to hear — in the industry and do a little “mythbusting” to reveal the truth behind each myth.

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