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Branding vs Marketing

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branding vs marketing

branding vs marketing

The concept of branding has been around almost forever — cattle, countries, armies, etc. Marketing has also been around as long. However, there’s a common misconception about what branding is, and what marketing is. People use them so often and interchangeably that it can leave you wondering, “What’s the difference?”


First, there is a brand, and there is branding.


A brand is formed through a series of experiences — it’s the sum of all information about a product, service or organization. A brand is formed in the mind and then reinforced at all points of contact.

Branding establishes, reinforces and enhances experiences with an organization or product. It communicates a promise to your intended audience and creates a distinct and memorable image in the mind of your customers.


Branding is a pull tactic

Branding is strategic — vision, strategy, execution and evolution

Branding helps build customer loyalty

Branding is achieved through simplification — less = more

Branding reinforces the truths about an organization

Branding influences purchasing decisions by occupying a place in the mind


Then, there is marketing.

Marketing is actively promoting a brand’s product or service. It’s a way of reaching and engaging people. Marketing keeps your company top-of-mind among the decision-makers you are trying to do business with.


Marketing is a push tactic

Marketing is tactical — traditional, digital and unconventional

Marketing cultivates customers

Marketing is one-on-one communication, no matter what the form

Marketing promotes a brand’s products or services in the market

Marketing can influence a customer’s immediate decision to purchase

The main difference between branding and marketing is that marketing promotes the intended value whereas branding reinforces it. If you have a substandard service, to begin with, marketing may help you make a sale, but branding will only enhance the thought of your substandard service.

At the end of the day, branding gives your customers the knowledge to draw a line underneath, or through your organization.


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