Defining a New
Business Brand

With the objective to launch a new business that would leverage the expertise and manufacturing wherewithal of two of its leading dental products manufacturing companies, Young Innovations wanted to enable OEMs to break into the dental products market.

THIEL spearheaded strategic work to identify market opportunities and to define, launch and market the new business brand. THIEL did voice-of-customer research that pinpointed the needs, desires and expectations of the market’s best prospects. Next, THIEL facilitated brand profiling sessions with internal stakeholders to define the positioning, unique service value, customer experience and key messaging that explains the new business. THIEL developed Bridge2 as a unique name that begins to tell the story of how it’s an OEM’s bridge to the dental product market. THIEL drafted a marketing communications plan to build awareness and move prospects through the sales cycle. THIEL also designed the distinctive logomark and the visual brand look and feel that signals Bridge2, and created all of the integrated communication vehicles to successfully launch and market Bridge2.