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Simplifying the Complex, Part 2: Wireframe

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We last unpacked Content Management Systems and their uses in the marketing industry. Now, let’s dive in and discuss what a wireframe is, how it’s used and why it’s beneficial for both the marketing team and the client.


wireframe is a visual way to lay out content and functionality in the early stages of website development. Wireframes will generally not contain style or graphics — they are used as a way to separate design from function. This way, designers, marketers, stakeholders and/or clients can focus on functionality and not be distracted by stylistic elements. Even font usage is typically restricted to just sizing differences in order to dictate the hierarchy of a page. 


There are four main reasons that wireframes exist:

  1. Structure of information architecture: How users will navigate pages
  2. Layout of information: How elements will be placed throughout pages
  3. Content: How content will be placed within the design structure
  4. Functionality: How your site can work and interact with those using it


A wireframe can provide great benefits when creating a website:

  • Turns abstract thoughts into concrete ideas without the distraction of design elements
  • Helps to ensure consistency and functionality before building the site
  • Simplifies website priorities
  • Makes content development more effective


Although it varies from site to site, a wireframe will generally have similar elements, including:

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Content 
  • Buttons
  • Image 
  • Logo
  • Search field
  • Navigation

A wireframe provides a tool for visually communicating architecture and navigation concepts. As the first step towards designing an unbeatable website, it creates easy talking points for marketers and clients to make decisions moving forward. Stay tuned for the next marketing terminology breakdown, coming soon. 

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