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Personalized Marketing is Mutually Beneficial

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When you’re in need of a product or service, you might start by searching online and combing through the plethora of similar options available to you. Ads are rampant on the side of your screen, flashing generic sales information at you, and you begin to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of companies all selling the same thing. Sound familiar? Chances are, this situation is quite similar to what your target audience is also going through.

The solution? Personalized marketing.

Personalized marketing is more than just automated emails that change the recipient’s name before sending. When executed properly, personalized marketing can create a sense of community while also making each member of a target audience feel unique and heard. In fact, 90% of consumers find personalization appealing and 80% are more likely to do business with a company that offers personalized experiences.

Even though there are billions of people in the world, every individual likes to feel unique and valued. Being bombarded with ads and emails that aren’t tailored to their needs will likely only lead to them ignoring the marketing efforts and moving on to the next brand.

Personalized marketing is the key to connecting with consumers and helping them feel heard. It also helps businesses boom; according to RR Donnelley, personalization reduces acquisition costs by as much as 50%, increases revenue by 5-15% and the efficiency of marketing spent also increases by 10-30%.

As mentioned above, it is important to ensure you are speaking to consumers in a personalized manner properly. While there are many consumers that prefer to buy from brands that deliver relevant ads, 92% of U.S. Internet users are concerned about their online privacy data with personalized marketing. This TEDx Talk breaks down how to mesh personalized marketing with privacy concerns to provide the ultimate experience for both consumers and marketers:

When it comes down to it, listening to consumers’ needs and utilizing personalized marketing correctly to provide them exactly what they’re looking for benefits both parties. Your business will ultimately reach the correct audience and that audience now feels heard.

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