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When To Drywall DIY Or Hire A Professional For A Repair

Holes, cracks, and peeling are unavoidable drywall issues bound to occur after years of use. Unfortunately, these issues must be repaired before further damage can occur and lead to an entirely new drywall installation. To avoid a big project, keeping up with your drywall repair is imperative.

Drywall Repair Basics

Whether your drywall repair is minor or large, the materials you will need are generally the same. Drywall is typically sold in four foot wide sheets and offered in a variety of different lengths, depending on the size of your project. Additional supplies include a drywall saw, sanding tools, and of course, DryClip!

The Advantages of DIY-ing Your Drywall Repair

Even the most inexperienced DIYers can easily complete a drywall repair. With the right tools, safety precautions, and patience, you can achieve a seamless drywall repair. The key to your DIY repair is DryClip. With DryClip’s user-friendly design, it will cut your repair time in half! To begin your DIY repair, you must cut out the damaged part of your drywall, attach the DryClips to the inside corners of the hole, attach the new cut out piece of drywall, mud the seams, sand it, and finish with paint. When DIYing your repair project, you will save yourself hundreds of dollars and avoid contractor fees.

To make DIYing a drywall repair even easier, use the DryClip Drywall Repair Kit. It includes everything you will need, including a new piece of drywall, tape, compound, other tools, and, of course, DryClip.

Drywall Repair: When You Should Hire a Pro

Although most DIYers can do drywall repair, there are advantages to hiring a certified and qualified contractor. The most important benefit is being ensured that your drywall will be installed appropriately. A Milwaukee drywall contractor will be trained to fix even the most complicated drywall issues, guaranteeing quality, speed, and service that pass building and safety code standards.

Before you can get started with your drywall repair, you must determine what option is best for you. Whether you hire a professional or DIY it, using DryClip will make the repair process seamless and easy!

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