June 28, 2016 | Blog,Think & Feel

Brands Are Like People: The First Date

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In this blog series we’re discussing parallels between how you think and feel about brands and how it’s similar to how you think and feel about people. We’re exploring the delicate balance that occurs in the mind and the heart of your market, and the personal relationship with your brand. This blog entry is about a “first date.”

Once someone has met you and has become familiar with your face and your name, the relationship goes beyond first impressions. They experience things beyond how you look and any attributes they may associate with your name. They become aware of what else you bring to the table. They may begin to sense other meaningful connections beyond just the surface details.

Connections may be building based on how you talk and what you talk about. A chemistry may become evident, based on common goals, common beliefs and similar activities. Things click. They find you pleasant to be around. They may want to just “hang out.” That could result in a “first date”—a time when you can further enjoy each others company and explore common interests.

The very same thing happens with your brand. After people come to recognize you, they become more familiar with your personality and who you are. They learn what you do and what you have to offer, unique from others. They come to realize how you’re different and how you stand out. However, they also come to realize meaningful connections based on how you align with their needs and interests. They become aware of what you stand for, and may choose to spend more time with you, one-on-one, exploring where the relationship could take them.

Consistency in communicating your brand’s difference and your brand’s unique value, and finding meaningful connections, are critical in getting to a first date—a first meeting. Up to that point, what people think and feel about your brand and your brand story have connected. Now it will be up to you to build on that connection and take the relationship to the next level, during that first meeting, and beyond.

Consistency in key messaging remains critical in demonstrating your brand’s intentions and your brand value. Emotion is also critical in building trust and in building the relationship—living up to expectations and providing evidence of living out your brand values. Without establishing trust during that first date, and reinforcing meaningful connections in the mind of your market, getting to the second date may be next to impossible.

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