WEA Member Benefits

Enhancing the Brand – Verbally, Visually & Experientially

In a close partnership with WEA Member Benefits, THIEL provides ongoing internal and external branding expertise and marketing services.

THIEL serves to enhance the WEA Member Benefits brand experience, heighten brand awareness and connect with Wisconsin’s educators through multiple marketing channels and tactics, including:


  • A Targeted Marketing Campaign: Member Benefits sought to expand its market presence to more fully serve the Milwaukee audience. THIEL developed a distinctive campaign to resonate with the target audience, featuring testimonial videos highlighting current customer success stories and a referral program leveraging highly satisfied members.
  • A Social Media Strategy: THIEL fostered existing social efforts by creating a social media strategy for Member Benefits to implement and follow. Directed by voice-of-customer research and competitor analyses, the strategy is devised to create brand awareness, drive website traffic, provide thought-leadership content, encourage engagement and attract talent.
  • A Broadcast Ad to run on Public Television: THIEL created a 15-second ad to increase brand awareness of Member Benefits, communicating the organization’s expertise, services and core values.


  • An Internal Branding program: THIEL defined and themed the “A+ Performance” internal branding program to foster continuous improvement by empowering staff throughout the organization to create the best possible service experience for its members, and to enhance existing employee satisfaction efforts through various onboarding, training and support for employees.