Malteurop North America – Craftmaster Malt

Mastery of Malt

With a desire to launch a new product line brand aimed at the booming craft brewing market, Malteurop North America retained THIEL to conduct market research into the potential for success.

Internal interviews with malt sales professionals and external interviews with master brewers revealed that Malteurop and their new craft malt division were unique in their full service capabilities across the supply chain. Malteurop’s barley breeding program enables them to create new breeds of barley to yield unique colors, flavors and aromas. Additionally, their strong relationships with North American growers and expertise in logistics and transportation makes them a reliable, single-source partner to craft brewers. THIEL developed the Craft Master Malt name to reflect this mastery of malt. The tagline “From field to flavor” speaks to their full service capabilities through the supply chain. All print and digital communications tell the story of the process—from fields of barley, to the malting process, transport to breweries and making beer of distinct qualities. THIEL’s social media strategy continues the story through social media posts and blog articles that feature the knowledge and expertise of Malteurop’s people, and the passion, artistry and culture of craft brewers.