Linden Street Partners

A Turnkey Marketing Platform

THIEL created a Property Marketing Platform for an easy, efficient and consistent branded marketing approach.

The objective was to produce a marketing platform that THIEL can leverage to define and express each individual property brand that is developed by Linden Street Partners.


The platform enables execution of a positioning strategy that emphasizes the exceptional lifestyle to be enjoyed at each unique residential or mixed-use property. It provides a consistent process for defining and expressing each distinctive property brand. It includes a property marketing plan — a template — that can be adapted and personalized for launching and promoting any of Linden Street Partners’ properties nationwide. And, the platform includes a suite of template marketing tools that are flexible to incorporate the compelling messaging and imagery that express the special lifestyle experience — the brand — to be enjoyed at the property.


The marketing platform established by THIEL has enabled Linden Street Partners to individually brand each of its unique properties and to save money while reducing the time necessary to plan and create marketing components and put them to use.


QUIN Apartments: Luxury Apartments in Walker’s Point Apartments