A Hot Situation

Johnsonville Sausage, the savory sausage experts, were in search of a partner to help them elevate their digital presence and say goodbye to their proprietary content management system. They looked to THIEL, the full-service agency, to help them revamp their digital ecosystem.

Their Challenge

Johnsonville was in need of a new digital platform that would allow them to better control their digital assets, provide a scalable and dependable infrastructure, and deliver a desirable end-user experience. They also wanted to ensure that their digital presence was in line with their brand values and messaging.

Our Solution

THIEL worked closely with Johnsonville to understand their brand and their target audience. THIEL then developed a comprehensive digital ecosystem consisting of 7 business unit websites with a range of integrations. The new website was designed and developed on WordPress, providing better control, scalability, and dependability. With THIEL’s help, Johnsonville achieved their goals and improved their digital presence. The new website offered a desirable end-user experience, better control of their digital assets, and a scalable and dependable infrastructure. The re-imagined digital ecosystem also provided Johnsonville with increased visibility and helped reinforce their brand values and messaging. It’s safe to say that Johnsonville’s partnership with THIEL was a savory success!