May 6, 2014 | Think & Feel


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As designers, we realize there needs to be a leap of faith in any designer/client relationship. Of the four components that seem to be guiding our business relationships — trust, competence, chemistry and vision— the most important may be trust.

Without trust, the other three seldom reach their fullest potential. Without our clients’ trust, we can’t fully perform to our true level of competence. Without their trust, there will likely be limited positive chemistry between us during our relationship. And, without our clients’ trust, true visionary solutions may be squelched in favor of a safer approach.

Because the best solution may not resemble the more familiar solution, we need our clients’ trust to allow us to collectively explore, develop and refine the solution that may stretch perceptions, exceed expectations and reach the highest level of success.

We strive to create and build a high trust organization and develop high trust relationships with our clients. A high trust relationship allows us to think and feel—where a common bond develops that’s based on a compelling vision.

We believe the following attributes lead to high trust relationships:

A focus on the mission and objectives—ideas that are on task and on track, not frivolous or without meaning.

Regular communication and an information stream that’s easy and relaxed, not forced or limited.

Idea and knowledge sharing that’s open and free flowing, not restrained or second guessed.

High trust relationships bring about improved productivity, integrated teamwork, inspired leadership and timely and efficient information flow with a vision-oriented mind set focused on the best solutions.

In the end, a high trust relationship almost always leads to success. We’re in business to be successful and to make our clients more successful. That should be the goal of any organization that provides a service for clients. We will continue to build an agency that’s energized, focused and trustworthy. Our success in the future will depend on seeking out and striving for high trust relationships with our clients.

Without trust, nothing good happens!

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