July 1, 2014 | Think & Feel

Behind the Scenes

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As a branding agency, we focus on building strong relationships with our customers. They are our partners; we move through the branding process with mutual respect and trust.

This same relationship applies to our suppliers and vendors. Many components of the branding process rely on outside suppliers who help us behind the scenes to bring solutions to life through printing, photography, programming, premiums and more. Over the years we’ve formed close working relationships with our partners which help guide us to the best outcomes. They are an extension of our goals, our ethics, and our standards and we know we can count on them.

In any project we like to bring them on board as early as possible. Collaboration and communication are key, so we bring our suppliers into the process to inform them of upcoming projects, our expectations and deadlines. Together we develop a schedule that outlines the tasks involved to insure a timely delivery. This early planning also helps our team troubleshoot any potential problems. We make them aware of as many details as possible so that they can make sure they have necessary materials on hand, and so that they can align themselves with any other outsources that they’ll need to complete our projects.

Clearly, we want to make sure that our suppliers hold open time in their schedules to meet our deadlines. Though we’d like to think that our projects are the most important, and that we are their only customer, the reality is that if they are a good supplier they have many other customers that they serve as well. Treating their time and resources with respect helps to keep us in good favor in the event that our projects slip off schedule. When this happens we communicate any hiccups in the schedule that may impact their anticipated workflow. This mutual respect and consistent flow of communication not only ensures efficient delivery for our clients, but maintains a strong foundation of trust between our firm and our partners.

In the end, these exhibits we design, the brochures we deliver, the websites we launch, and the mobile apps we create are an extension of the passion we bring to our work. With the help of our trusted suppliers—partners, we bring brands to life.

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