Young Dental

Breaking Distributor Connection Barriers

THIEL custom developed a mobile app to connect Young Dental Company with distributors throughout North America.

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How does a company connect with distributors who are constantly on the road and busy?

Young Dental wanted to establish a direct line of communication with distributors, to easily and efficiently get product specifications, product promotions and other information out, and to enable distributors to communicate back.

The mobile app THIEL developed as the solution has not only improved Young’s distributor sales support, it has made day-to-day business easier for distributors by allowing them to quickly access product information, participate in sales incentives, and to request samples through one source on their mobile devices. Additionally, the push-notification feature enables Young to efficiently automate direct communication to distributors.

THIEL also devised the promotional campaign to get distributors to download and use the app. Within three months of launch, more than 800 distributors were regularly using the app, and the user count continues to grow by one-to two-hundred distributors each time Young attends a trade show.

As a key strategic benefit, Young has built a database of information about its distributors through the app sign-up process — connecting Young with over a thousand distributors it hadn’t connected with in the past. And, most importantly, the app THIEL created is making it possible for both Young and its distributors to sell more products more easily.