Tackle the US Market

Manitou, a European brand known for its rugged and durable construction equipment, wanted to expand its presence in the US market. To achieve this goal, Manitou sought the help of THIEL, a full-service marketing agency known for its results-driven approach.


Their Challenge

Manitou faced several challenges in its quest to penetrate the US market. The brand was largely unknown in the region, and competition was fierce. To overcome these challenges, Manitou needed a marketing partner that could effectively communicate the brand’s unique value proposition and help the company stand out from the competition.

Our Solution

THIEL was hired as Manitou’s exclusive dealer co-op marketing partner, with the goal of exposing the brand to the US market. THIEL was tasked with developing a comprehensive marketing strategy that would help Manitou increase brand awareness and drive sales. To accomplish this, THIEL leveraged its extensive experience in the construction equipment industry and its expertise in dealer marketing co-op. THIEL worked closely with Manitou to understand the brand’s strengths and target audience. THIEL then developed a custom marketing plan designed to move units off the lot and increase brand recognition among key audiences.