May 6, 2014 | Think & Feel

Making a Brand Stand Out

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Your brand — it’s out there, and the whole world can see it whether you like it or not. Truth is, your brand is constantly being challenged, judged, scrutinized and prodded for weaknesses by your competitors. Your only real offense is the perception you create in the market, and the strength of that perception at every touchpoint. In the end, the question every company should be asking is, “How do we take control of these perception points?”

As a branding agency, we thrive on questions like this.

Let’s face it, it’s becoming more and more challenging to reach new customers and keep the ones you have engaged. You’ve done some marketing in the past, but the time of traditional marketing strategies has passed. Marketing has reached a tipping point, where falling behind and getting lost is becoming more dangerous. Once you’re lost, it’s even more difficult to find your way back. Today’s digital landscape is changing daily with new technologies that can give you the competitive edge you need. It’s time to take ownership of your brand, because strong branding makes your company stand out.

When you have confidence in the choices you make, who you want to be, and where you want to go, success is streamlined. The majority of companies that undergo a strategic branding program strengthen their position at every touchpoint in the market. Here are some of the most important brand touchpoints your business needs:

Universal elevator speech
A single statement that succinctly describes your business

Distinctive selling points
A communication playbook that differentiates you from your competition

Brand look and feel
An emotionally engaging visual presence that identifies your business

Integrated content strategy
A system of branded communications that promote your business as the thought-leaders in your industry. This strategy can include, but is not limited to: video, press releases, advertisements, blog posts, social media strategies, regular print and email communications that keep your company top of mind among the decision-makers to whom you are marketing.

Dynamic website
A central hub of communication that is both branded and optimized for all devices and search engines

Lead generation strategy
To educate and advance your prospects through your selling cycle

Marketing literature and presentations
Tools that empower your sales people to convert new business

That informs and entertains the market about your company’s capabilities

Environmental Graphics & Wearables
A fleet of rolling billboards and signage that build brand awareness and effectively leverage your daily movements

Social Media
From both a business and strategic marketing perspective, social media channels help distribute fresh and engaging content allowing you to build online relationships with your audience

Now more than ever, your customers and prospects are scattered throughout the digital and physical world and it’s time to funnel that traffic through a strong branding program. When you provide value in real-time, you inform the market about your company’s capabilities from anywhere, anytime.

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